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  • Delicious homemade recipes for healthy living in the real world.
  • Customizable meal calendar and auto-generated shopping lists
  • Personal and community support

More Than Just Mealplans!

The next best thing to a having a personal nutrition coach! I WANT TO GET ACCESS

Personal and community support


It’s easy to eat junk food. And it’s even easier to order take-away…



The fact remains that this junk food IS harming your health and that of your family!


And with all the conflicting information, it feels like you need a personal nutrition coach just to know WHAT to eat.



I’ll answer all of your questions personally through email or in our ever growing community of like-minded members in the private Facebook group.



Watch the video to see in action.

Every week you get a personal mealplan delivered to your account and email address! Open them up in the calendar and create your shopping list right on the spot. Don’t want to follow the plan every day? Just delete the meals you don’t need from the calendar. It’s really easy! helps me plan meals, save time & money, and insures my family eats balanced nutritional meals. You and your team rock!


Dee Smith
Seattle, USA

Since we started with the meal plans, we are eating much more varied and definitely more healthy. Thanks so much again for making our life easier and our diets more varied and healthier!



Ghent, Belgium

I manage my time in the kitchen way better. Before I was a mess and rushed easily to not so healthy food choices cause I thought it would take me so much time to cook healthy.  I look better now which gave my self confidence a boost, and my entire family is eating healthier!

Anxhela, Albania

I used to have no inspiration for cooking something new. And if I did and wanted to cook healthy for myself it usually tastes horrible so I go back to my unhealthy regular meals. But the recipes from Your Healthy menu are not only healthy, they’re also delicious. I have so much options now it’s a joy to make healthy food!

Marjolijn, Belgium

Thank you for helping me tailor my food budget! I no longer have food that I have to throw away. I have so much more energy since I started following your advice and feel great! Thank you Amy!


Latoya, Canada



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03No more wasted food

Our meal plans make sure you won’t be stuck with any leftovers in the fridge. We hand-crafted them all for a complete done-for-you program that will fit your situation perfectly.

03No more wasted time

No more endless searching online for recipes. No more trying to match ingredients with each other. Just check your weekly meal plan, print your shopping lists, and done! The only thing you need to do is get your ingredients and start cooking your healthy meals!

03No more wasted money

Our program is designed to save you money. No more extra trips to the grocery store because you forgot something. No more wasted money on products you don’t need. Simply follow the instructions and feed your family!

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