Homemade Flexitarian Meals.

It’s a proven fact that eating more plant-based foods can help prevent and treat various health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

The “flex” in flexitarian means that it’s all about options.
The goal is to add more plant-based foods to your diet while cutting back on meat.


Unlike so many fad-diets, which have little long-term benefits, flexitarianism is a more sensible approach to incorporating more plant-based meals and minimizing meat without eliminating it altogether.

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Food as Medicine.


Several years ago I had the biggest wakeup call ever. I still remember it like yesterday.
My dad had a heart attack.. He survived but the whole family had to go through a medical checkup.

My results? Yeah, not good. The doctor said if I didn’t lose extra weight and live healthier now, I was guaranteed to be the next on the chopping block.
A bit later, my husband got diagnosed with MS, another huge blow for us.
The medication the doctors subscribed ruined his immune system and made him feel sick.

That very day we swore to make the changes that were needed.
We started eating more healthy, believing the statement that food should be your medicine.

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Many other meal planning websites don’t use their own recipes. But I actually do this stuff, out in the real world! I have learned, created, refined, and perfected an ideal nutrition system for better health from a complete standing start. This system is not only fool proof… It’s fail proof.

You won’t ever be left guessing how to live a healthy life as I’ll be here to help. Taking away all uncertainty and doubt.
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